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We are a multi-disciplinary Structural Engineers’ firm with expertise in the field of multi-storied buildings, villa projects, residential, commercial, and industrial projects with client base in India and USA. As a Construction Engineering consulting firm, RC & J Associates applies expertise and experience leveraging all disciplines to minimize the lack of a collaborative work environment. Whether your business is small or large, and whether your projects involve public infrastructure or private development, we seek to save you money, reduce your risk and ensure sustainable results.

Our engineers, inspectors, and business partners work within your vision and your organization, bringing a sense of urgency, an above and beyond mindset, and creative yet practical solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Construction projects are exposed to many issues and risks. RC & J Associates is mindful and prepared for the many challenges and unexpected “Murphy’s law” circumstances that occur and do everything we can to resolve them immediately to maintain project schedules.

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We approach each individual project with the understanding that all building types present unique challenges. Through our design process, we extend specific consideration to the design requirements and the benefits of each structural solution proposed. Accordingly, we can align our client’s needs with the most suitable structural system.

Because we offer integrated design services, our focus remains on the long-term performance of our client’s building while striving to deliver durable and adaptive installations that lend toward future changes or building upgrades.

Our design philosophy reflects a holistic design approach cognizant of the role that the structure plays in influencing the overall design characteristics of a facility. As such, we are committed to providing solutions that not only meet the established structural criteria of the project, but also the over-arching architectural objectives while working alongside all other disciplines on the project.

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Civil & Structural Services
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  • Constructability Review and Value Engineering
  • Detailed Analysis and Design
    • Residential, Commercial, Industrial Building Structural Design
    • Retaining/shear wall Designs
    • Sump Designs
    • Foundation Designs – Post tensioned, Conventional reinforced foundation & Pier and Beam foundations
    • Metal building Designs – Warehouses, Manufacturing sheds, Pre-Engineered Buildings
    • Bridge Design – Highway Bridges, Off-system Bridges, Creek crossings, Culverts
  • Restoration and Retrofitting Schemes to Rehabilitate the structures normal
  • Feasibility Studies of Various Structural System
  • Drawings/Schematics plans
    • Structural drawings
    • Framing plans
    • Retaining/shear wall drawings
  • Preparation of Construction Documents
  • Structural Assessments
  • Structural Peer Review
Construction Phase Services
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  • Construction Supervision/Monitoring
  • Restoration and Rehabilitation supervision
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Probable Construction Cost Opinions
  • Project Schedules
  • Construction Quality Assurance/Control Plans
  • Construction Management
Evaluation and Forensic Assesment
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  • Structures stability assessment for change in occupancy, Future expansion, Proposed modification, as per latest standards
  • Assessment of fire and other calamity damaged structures

RC & J Associates provides comprehensive forensic investigation, expert witness, and litigation support services primarily in the fields of Structural Engineering. Our focus is to bring our clients thorough, objective assessment of distress and its causation, accurate analysis of technical issues, and clear concise presentation of opinions to attorneys, mediators, and juries.

The experts at RC & J Associates balance their expert witness caseload with active design and construction efforts. Therefore, we remain cognizant of industry trends and innovations that may be overlooked by opposing experts. Through our design projects, we also work closely with a variety of professionals in related engineering and construction disciplines and can call on these professionals to support the efforts of the litigation team.

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